MANAMA Ship Agency is Offering Complete Ship Management support  it  has the flexibility to meet all owners' needs for technical and logistics operations. We are geared to provide you with any information you require - at any time.  fees and costs, ect. We are confident that we can meet all of the requirements and demands of today's owners. Bunker Suppliers, Ship Spare Parts, Repairs Services, etc.

Supported by a team of highly experienced professionals, our Management has the capability to serve all types of cargo and tankers vessels.

We also provide the following Agency Services 
>    Ship-to-ship transfer
>    Off-port-limit services
>    Temporary lay-up services
>    Protecting agency for owners
>    Bunker broking

We have a strong commitment to customers services and the supply of Quality Marine Fuels. Our experience in ship operations has made us acutely aware of the importance of supplying Quality fuel on time, every time.

Supported by our supply vessels /tugboats, we are able to supply all type of bunker /fresh water at all our  ports in Nouadhibou and Nouakchott

We can provide these services to any port round the Clock.
>    Supply of all kind of Provision, bonded, deck & engine, cabin, electrical, medicines stores.,etc
>    Supplier of all kind of spare parts for Main engine, Auxiliary engine, Turbo charger, Motors, Hydraulic items, Gyro Compass, Radar etc
>    Refilling of Ships Bottles Oxygen, Acetylene, Freon R (22-12), Co2, Fire Extinguishers, Breathing Apparatus.,etc
>    Annual Servicing of Life Rafts, EEBD, Co2, Fire extinguishers, Breathing apparatus.,etc
>    Supplier of all kind of Packing Materials like Dunnage wood, Craft papers, Plastic Sheet, Tarpaulin, Hatch Cover Tape, Brown tape.,etc